My aim is to develop projects where I try to reflect on the identity of human beings and the dialogue they establish with the spaces they inhabit or the objects they create, as well as the trace they leave on the world.
With this purpose, I use photography because I am fascinated by it as a means of expression. Conceptually I am surprised by the way in which it transforms reality into representation, building a universe tinged with constant alternatives between truth and falsehood, fiction and reality.
  • Academic training
– Photography MA. University of Brighton (U. K.). 2017/2018
– Artistic Photography. School of Arts of Jerez de la Frontera. (Spain). 2014/2016.
  • Other courses
– Creativity and Strategies in Contemporary Photography – EFTI. Madrid (Spain). 2019.
– Photography today – Specialisation in contemporary photography. Valentín de Madariaga Foundation. Sevilla (Spain). 2014.
– Learn to photograph. El Fotómata Studio. Sevilla (Spain). 2013
  • Exhibitions
  • Solo
– ‘Randomly’. June, 2016. Project selected and presented at the Biennal SOUTH Festival. Baluarte de la Candelaria, Cádiz (Spain). 
– ‘Salazul’. January, 2016. La Malhablada Showroom. Salamanca (Spain).
  • Group
– “From the Flow of Appearances”. September, 2018. Images from ‘Invisible city’ project. Grand Parade, 58 – University of Brighton -, Brighton (U. K.).
– School of Arts Showing. March – April, 2017. Pictures from ‘Saltpetre’ project. Alcázar, Jerez de la Frontera (Spain).
Ángel L. Sánchez
Madrid (Spain)